The Falcon

The Falcon

A demanding trail from the peaks to the lighthouse

The Falcon trail is the longest and most beautiful trail on the island. It includes the best parts of other trails – the olm hoak trail and the lighthouse trail – linking them with a panoramic track.

On your way, you will discover some of the most iconic places of Asinara: the only shady woods of the island with a historic fountain (Elighe Mannu), the highest peak (Punta Scomunica, 408 m), the northest point of the island and its emblematic lighthouse (Punta dello Scorno) as well as the easternmost point (Punta Sabina). This spectacular and demanding trail is entirely on former military tracks and takes you from the highest peaks to uncontaminated coves.

All along, you can observe a large variety of wild animals, including falcons, which enjoy the peaceful scenery and rest at the Semaphore, a former Air Force meteorological station.

Trailhead: Cala d’Oliva

Arrival: Cala d’Oliva

Length: 19 km

Duration: 7 hours

Elevation gain: 390 m

loop trail

The trail is not suitable for cycling.

Start from Cala d’Oliva shortly before the central branch (direzione centrale) and follow the signs on the left.

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Trail highlights:

Punta della Scomunica

Punta della Scomunica rises to a height of 408 metres atop the northern massif. It is the highest peak on the island.

The lighthouse of Punta dello Scorno

The lighthouse, located on the north-west of the gulf of Asinara, was built in 1854 and activated in 1859 by the Royal Office of Civil Engineers of the Kingdom of Sardinia. The circular tower is about 35 metres high and was built in the centre of a three-storey building. It was manned until it was completely automated in 1977.
Panorama 360°

Cala Sabina

Also known as Cala dei Ponzesi, it is framed by a granite promontory to the north-east of Asinara. The beach of fine white sand is studded with a few rocks and immersed in the lush Mediterranean scrub, whose colours and aromas characterise the entire coast of the national park.
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