The Granite trail
(sentiero del granito)

The Granite trail
(sentiero del granito)

Breathtaking landscapes and uncontaminated coves

The granite trail starts on the eastward track from the visitor centre of Fornelli. When you reach the first pond behind the dunes, keep left and head inland, until you cross the dirt road that goes from the maximum security prison of Fornelli to the prison of Santa  Maria.

At the hilltop, go down towards Punta Barbarossa. You will spot on the left a small body of water, particularly appreciated by water birds and herons in winter. As you go through the old tumbledown gate near the sea, you enter the world of granite. The coastal path runs along coves, Mediterranean scrub, rushes and small temporary ponds, up to the two beaches of Punta Li Giorri.

Here, the path becomes slightly more challenging and you will come across 3 granite quarries, still with a few working tools and handmade shelters. In the final part, in Cala Sant’Andrea, skirt the brackish water and the full protection area to join to the concrete road leading back to Fornelli. After passing the maximum security prison, follow the road down to the trailhead in order to complete the loop.

Trailhead: Fornelli

Arrival: Fornelli

Length: 11,4 km

Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes

Elevation gain: 75 m

Loop trail

The trail is mostly suitable for cycling.

Start from the visitor centre of Fornelli.

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Trail highlights:

The horses of Asinara

On your way, you are bound to see horses in the plains of Fornelli.

Cala Sant'Andrea

What with its white sand and its turquoise water, Cala Sant'Andrea is one of the best-known beaches of Asinara. Although you may see it from the trail, access to the beach is strictly prohibited, as it is a full protection area.

Water and granite

Crystal clear salt water characterises the stretch of coast along the Granite trail.
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