The Holm oak trail
(sentiero del leccio)

The Holm oak trail
(sentiero del leccio)

The high world of Asinara

Starting from the former officers’ barracks – now visitor centre and hostel of the park – walk up the hilly track in the direction of the Case Bianche settlement. On your way, you will come across springs and drinking troughs, Ligurian-style terracing and valleys that used to be kitchen gardens.

Just beyond Case Bianche, the landscape changes significantly and recalls that of the inland areas of Sardinia. On the holm oak trail you will find springs, water channels, chestnut trees, holm oaks and picnic areas created thanks to the precious contribution of former inmates and the Sardinian Forest Authority. At the top, near the belvedere, you can see the State Forestry Corps building and the recently renovated botanical observatory of Elighe Mannu.

The view from Punta Scomunica is definitely worth the climb: the highest peak of the island boasts a unique panorama.

The holm-oak trail continues towards Punta Maestra Serre and the now obsolete radio towers. You are now in the high realm of Asinara, occasionally cloudy or foggy, and undisputedly the kingdom of wild goats. The descent towards the ruins of Cuile Zonca takes you back to the sea and to Cala d’Oliva.

Trailhead: Cala d’Oliva

Arrival: Cala d’Oliva

Length: 14 km

Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes

Elevation gain: 391 m

Loop trail, with a short out-and-back path to Punta Scomunica

The trail is not suitable for cycling

Start from the hostel of Cala d’Oliva

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Trail highlights:

Punta della Scomunica

Punta della Scomunica rises to a height of 408 metres atop the northern massif. It is the highest peak on the island.

Case Bianche

Casa Bianche was among the most inland detention centres. It used to accommodate relatively independent inmates, who would carry out tasks without being closely supervised.

Cuile Zonca

This building was once used for farming. It marks the beginning of the descent towards Cala d'Oliva.
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