The Mouflon trail
(sentiero del muflone)

The Mouflon trail
(sentiero del muflone)

A trail in the wild haven of Tumbarino

This path, which starts at Tumbarino, is particularly interesting in terms of wildlife. In addition to mouflons, you can easily spot wild boars, crows, Sardinian partridges, flocks of seagulls and European shags nesting on the islets of Cala di Sgombro di dentro. It is an ideal place for birdwatching, especially in spring and autumn, when you can see various species migrate between Europe and Africa. Once you’ve reached Piano gli Stretti, the narrowest part of Asinara, head back to the starting point on the concrete road.

Trailhead: Tumbarino

Arrival: Tumbarino

Length: 5,6 km

Duration: 2 hours

Elevation gain: 95 m

Loop trail

The trail is not suitable for cycling

Start from the wildlife observation centre of Tumbarino and follow the red and white trail markers.

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Trail highlights:


The wildlife observation centre was created renovating some buildings of the former prison settlement of Tumbarino. The rooms, which used to be prison cells, now host exhibitions and multimedia areas: a green hall for educational projects, a wildlife observation centre and a bird ringing site.

Islets of Cala di Sgombro di dentro

A beautiful archipelago southeast of Tumbarino.
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Gli Stretti

The 290-metre-wide Piana gli Stretti is the narrowest part of the island.

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