The Nature trail
(sentiero tattile)

The Nature trail
(sentiero tattile)

An educational path accessible to all

The Nature trail – the first of its kind in Sardinia – was designed by the Asinara National Park in collaboration with the Sardinian Forest Authority. The path includes 13 informative stopping points with Braille texts and 8 interactive tactile stops which guide you to discover the uncontaminated environments of the island.

The first 350 metres are also accessible to wheelchair users, who will find a scenic seaside picnic area at the end. The trail then goes up – with a path off to the right leading to the Mediterranean garden – to the church and then the wash house.

The trail is provided with a rope handrail that guides the visitor all along the 830-metre circular path leading back to the starting point.

1 knot on the handrail = stopping point
3 knots on the handrail = interruption
The interruption is also indicated by a small wooden floor.

Along the trail, please do not pay attention to the rope joints, poles and carabiners that keep the guiding rope taut.
Although caution is advised, as some stretches may gently slope or be slightly uneven, the path is safe and accessible to all.

Trailhead: Cala Reale

Arrival: Cala Reale

Length: 893 m

Duration: 40 minutes

Elevation gain: insignificant

Loop trail

The trail is not suitable for cycling

Start from the jetty of Cala Reale.

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Trail highlights:

The church

The church of Cala Reale can be seen from the sea.

The Mediterranean garden

This small botanic garden shows the species endemic to the island of Asinara.

The wash house

The old wash house takes us back to the daily activities that were carried out on the island.

Find your way

Print the description

You can download the trail description in PDF format on the page dedicated to the trail, so you can print it out and take it with you during the hike.

GPX trail

After choosing the trail, download the GPX track to make sure you find your way.