The Trabuccato

The Trabuccato trail

Along the coast from Cala d'Oliva to Cala Reale

The Trabuccato trail starts from the cove of Cala Murighessa (also known as Cala dei Detenuti, “inmates’ bay”) and goes to Cala Reale via Trabuccato.

On arriving at Cala le Soriane, the path forks: head south on the pleasant and wild trail that winds along the coast, boasting several great vantage points and turquoise coves.

Once you reach Cala delle Barche Napoletane, the trail goes up towards the olive grove and joins the paved road. Follow the latter for about 1500 meters to the prison of Trabuccato, where the footpath starts again along the coast up to the settlement of Cala Reale.

Trailhead: Cala Murighessa

Arrival: Cala Reale

Length: 7,4 km

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Elevation gain: 58 m

Out-and-back trail

The trail is not suitable for cycling

Start from Cala d’Oliva on the road near Cala Murighessa

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Trail highlights:

Cala delle Barche Napoletane

This bay is renowned for its fine white sand and turquoise water.
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Cala Murighessa

Not far from the village of Cala d'Oliva, Cala Murighessa, with its turquoise water, is named after the mulberry tree, "murichessa" in Sardinian.

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