The Water trail
(sentiero dell'acqua)

The Water trail
(sentiero dell'acqua)

Beaches and cliffs in the plains of Fornelli

The water trail starts on the waterfront near the jetty: follow the signs to Punta Salippi on the westward dirt track.

Water and its related infrastructures feature all along this easy trail: the sea, freshwater in the hills, brackish coastal ponds, bridges, wells, drinking troughs, springs, small dams and reservoirs accompany you all the way, whether you go on foot or by bicycle.

Shortly after, the beach of Spalmatore can be an excellent stopover point for a swim or a canoe trip in the waters of the narrow strait of Fornelli. The trail runs along the cliffs and, after a short climb, on to the earth dam which collects the water of the steep granite mount of Castellaccio. Further on, you reach the aqueduct and finally the prison of Fornelli. Nearby is also a small church with a hemispherical dome – now collapsed – and a quadrangular fence around a small cemetery: here are the only remains of the First World War prison camp.

Trailhead: Fornelli

Arrival: Fornelli

Length: 6,9 km

Duration: 2 hours

Elevation gain: 42 m

Loop trail

The trail is suitable for cycling

Start from Fornelli’s visitor centre and take the path to the west.

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Trail highlights:

Spalmatore beach

This beach of fine white sand is located at the southern end of the island, west of Fornelli. The beach is accessible and visitors to the park may bathe here.
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The forsaken church

The charming little forsaken church of Fornelli is now a shelter for wild animals.

Lake of Fornelli and Pedra Bianca

View from the dam of the lake of Fornelli towards the cliffs of Pedra Bianca.
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